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Your Mercedes-Benz vehicle's timing belt/cambelt (or timing chain) helps synchronize its crankshaft and camshaft. This helps make sure that the engine's pistons pump at the right times, that its intake and exhaust valves open and close properly, and that its many parts don't collide with one another.

Unfortunately, timing belts and chains can degrade and fail. Often, it's because of lifetimes of use. Luckily, there are signs that'll let you know that's happening. For instance, listen for ticking sounds under the hood, and look for oil leaks in front of the engine. You may also notice engine underperformance at lower rpm, along with excessive exhaust smoke and fumes. Your engine may also misfire suddenly (which usually means belt slippage if not breakdown), or it may not start at all. If that belt or chain fails, though, much worse can happen, like timing misalignment, loss of engine power, engine failure, and valve and cylinder head damage.

If you suspect this is happening to your ride, run an inspection and replace its belt or chain ASAP. Otherwise, under normal circumstances, when to change one is pretty easy to figure out. Simply refer to your owner's manual for a mileage benchmark. For many newer Mercedes-Benz models, it's about every 100,000 miles. For older models, it's about every 60,000 miles.

Is it time to buy a new one? Be sure to get the genuine article. Mercedes-Benz makes its timing belts and chains guaranteed to fit your favorite luxury car or SUV, after all, and that's a compatibility promise that not all off-brands make.

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Engine Crankshaft Main Bearing Cap Bolt
Part Number: 000000-001810
Options: Upper
Other Names: Belt Tensioner Mount Bolt, Timing Cover Bolt, Screw More Names
Replaces: 0019905522
Description: Threads Into Bottom of Main Bearing Cap. 8 x 75mm. To 01/03/2012. 2.3L, upper. To 12/30/2011. 1.8L, m8x75. More Info
  • Mercedes-Benz:
    • C 230,
    • C 240,
    • C 250,
    • C 280,
    • C 300,
    • C 32 AMG®,
    • C 320,
    • C 350,
    • C 43 AMG®,
    • C 55 AMG®,
    • CL 500,
    • CL 55 AMG®,
    • CL 550,
    • CL 63 AMG®,
    • CLK 320,
    • CLK 350,
    • CLK 430,
    • CLK 500,
    • CLK 55 AMG®,
    • CLK 550,
    • CLS 500,
    • CLS 55 AMG®,
    • CLS 550,
    • CLS 63 AMG®,
    • E 320,
    • E 350,
    • E 430,
    • E 500,
    • E 55 AMG®,
    • E 550,
    • E 63 AMG®,
    • G 500,
    • G 55 AMG®,
    • G 550,
    • GL 450,
    • GL 550,
    • GLK 350,
    • ML 320,
    • ML 350,
    • ML 430,
    • ML 450,
    • ML 500,
    • ML 55 AMG®,
    • ML 550,
    • R 350,
    • R 500,
    • S 350,
    • S 400,
    • S 430,
    • S 500,
    • S 55 AMG®,
    • S 550,
    • S 63 AMG®,
    • SL 500,
    • SL 55 AMG®,
    • SL 550,
    • SLK 230,
    • SLK 280,
    • SLK 300,
    • SLK 32 AMG®,
    • SLK 320,
    • SLK 350,
    • SLK 55 AMG®
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MSRP $3.70
MSRP $3.70

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