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Before Mercedes-Benz, there was German engineer Karl Benz, designer and industrialist Gottlieb Daimler, engine maker Wilhelm Maybach, entrepreneur Emil Jellinek, and, interestingly enough, his daughter.

The year is 1886. Benz unveils the three-wheeled Benz Patent Motor Car, one of the world's first automobiles. The same year, Daimler and his then-chief engineer Maybach produce a four-wheeled vehicle powered by the eponymous Daimler engine. In 1901, shortly after Daimler passes away, Maybach builds a vehicle, commissioned by Jellinek, then one of the former's main distributors, named after the man's daughter, Mercedes. By 1926, Daimler's and Benz's companies merge, forming Daimler-Benz AG and the brand you love, under the three-point-star insignia. The marque's meaning? The legendary engines' uses in on land, in the air, and at sea.

You know it today in the form of some of the most popular and sought-after luxury cars and SUVs ever produced -- in classics, such as the 300 D and 380 SL, and in more recent models, such as the ML 350 and E 320. You know it unmistakably as Mercedes-Benz. The name has long since gone down in automotive history -- an inheritance that we at MB Parts Haus strive to uphold.

We do so by offering for sale one of the largest selections of Mercedes-Benz parts available out there, true enough -- everything from air filters and brake parts to floor mats and windshield wiper blades. More importantly, though, we do so by selling only genuine OEM parts. That means those designed specifically by Mercedes-Benz for the premium car or SUV you love. You won't get the same compatibility guarantee from aftermarket parts.

Best of all, with us, ordering parts for your Mercedes-Benz online is easy. Explore our catalog, and you'll see just how easy. Select your model, its year, and, if applicable, its trim and/or engine type; the types of auto parts you need appear, and you can start browsing immediately. Buy today, and we'll ship promptly; what you've ordered will come right from the Mercedes-Benz factory, and it'll deliver right to your door.

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