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An ideal combination of dependability and luxury -- that describes your ML 320 to a tee. True to the Mercedes-Benz tradition, as an M-Class SUV, it should last you decades and hundreds of thousands of miles, but regular maintenance is key. Plus, you'll want to keep up with a few problems common to the line. You'll need the best parts possible for the job. Shop with us for them; we're here to help.

Common Mercedes-Benz ML 320 Repairs

Anti-theft system. Sometimes, the drive authorization module can fail, leaving you unable to start the SUV at all. Usually, you'll have to replace the module and get a new set of keys.

Brakes. If you see ESP and BAS warnings on the dash, the brake light switch has likely failed. You'll want to replace it ASAP for safety reasons.

Doors. Locks rapidly and repeatedly locking and unlocking, whether you tap your keyless remote entry or hit the switch on a door? That's a case of bad switches. You'll have to replace the door latches with the problem.

Power windows. Windows not going up? The power window switch in the center console might've failed. That's also something you'll have to replace.

Engine. Engine warm, and cranking but not starting? Is it running roughly or performing poorly after being let cool off? You might have a failed crankshaft position sensor. Replacing it is recommended.

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